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Monday, June 21, 2010


Thanks to all of the wonderful people who made Highways of the Mind possible!

I want to give a special thanks to Jennifer Wright, my personal author representative from Outskirts’ Press. She, without intention, to my great advantage, gave me the idea to write “Highways of the Mind”. Her helpful support and good advice pointed me in the direction to write a book that would serve all of humanity...

I’d like to thank my brother Jimmy. He changed the course of my life and gave me the dedication to help substance abusers recover from their abusive natures. Jimmy lost his life, due to substance abuse, before he was able to fulfill his mission in life. My first book, Total Recovery, was written in his memory in order to give his short term here on earth more meaning. The techniques I taught in Total Recovery are much the same as I teach in Highways of the Mind.

My brother Clinton who finds his reward in life helping others set an example for me and my life’s direction. He was always nearby to give me advice, encouragement and his unconditional love.

Then there is my dear friend Connie Peterson who knew my first attempt (Cashes Secrets) wasn’t good enough but still had faith in me and encouraged me to persevere. She also helped edit my material and verbally coxed me to continue. (Some people call it nagging) Thank you Connie…

I'd like to give a special thanks to Wendy Brady, a special friend from the webook community, she gave me daily encouragement with her wisdom written in rhyme.

Pattimari Sheets Diamond for her encouragement and extraordinary help with editing. She worked with me right up until the end.

Thanks to all my good friends and associates.

Thanks to my mind Enhancement resources. (To many to list)

Thanks to my four legged family, my five dogs and all the stray cats, for putting up with me while I was neglecting them.

God also had a hand in this so I thank Him for his Infinite Intelligence.

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