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Monday, June 21, 2010

Mind Enhancement {Go to pages for more}

Mind Enhancement {Go to Pages for more}

I want you to realize that no success or self cure will endure for any length of time unless it is built upon honesty and integrity. Engage in no transaction that doesn’t benefit all of those it affects. You will find success in your own forces plus gain the cooperation of others. You will, by serving others, induce others to serve you. By eliminating the traits that cause a negative attitude in others as well as yourself and developing a love for all humanity you will regain the trust of others finding real happiness and a lifetime of success.


The Breathing Exercise is simple to do yet very effective. It can be done anytime of the day from where ever you are. I have made it a habit to use it several times a day when ever I think about it. It helps me to relax and function at top levels of efficiency.

Basically, this is what you do:

FIRST, clear your mind of everything. This includes worries, brought about by financial obligations, work stress, troubled relationships, everything and anything.

SECOND, Inhale through your nose as deeply as you possibly can.

THIRD, when you feel like you have reached your lungs maximum capacity, keep trying until you cannot breathe in anymore.

FOURTH, now hold it for a few seconds, and exhale through your mouth slowly, taking 3-4 seconds to fully exhale. Repeat this and keep doing it for as long as you feel able, I do this every morning when I get up and every evening before I go to bed. See if you can at least do this for 20 minutes a day.

Here is another way that I sometimes do deep breathing. I enjoy taking long walks so I breathe in deeply when I take 5 steps and slowly exhale when I take the next 10. I repeat this several times while enjoying my walk. Our life energy is carried in our breath and exerts its self on any given situation.

This practical effort to focus completely on our breathing, takes our minds away from the "mind clutter" that constantly tries to invade our minds and eliminate the feelings that will lead to a time of calmness and relaxation. With repeated effort the goal of clearing your mind (to think of nothing), does occur and the process of meditation takes on its own energy. The result is, and I guarantee this, peace, serenity, calmness and eventually opening yourself up to new insights.

Breathing exercises make it easier to do the relaxation exercises that prepare you for auto suggestion, meditation, self hypnosis and other mind enhancing exercises. They are simple, they take very little time and they put you in the right frame of mind. I suggest that you do breathing exercise at the start of any exercise that I present to you in this wonderful new world of exercises. I also suggest that all of the exercises I give to you be made a part of your life for the rest of your life.

Reminiscing goes hand in hand with the methods we are using here at this stop on the Highway of the mind. In the middle of the night when I'm all alone at my computer reminiscing has brought me strength and renewed the goals I once had. It has helped me tremendously and I know it can help you. Set aside a time when you feel at ease (At least once a week). If it does nothing else it will bring you countless hours of peace, relaxation, and joy.

Reminiscence refers to recollections of memories from the past. It is familiar to us all and can be utilized for the benefit of others. For people who are afflicted with problems of any nature I encouraging the act of reminiscence. It can be highly beneficial to your inner self and your interpersonal skills. Reminiscence involves exchanging memories with the old and young, friends and relatives, with caregivers and professionals, passing on information, wisdom and skills. It is about giving the person in need a sense of value, importance, belonging, power and peace. We all use it to cope in times of stress, such as mourning, it can also help reduce injury to our self image and it can create a feeling of intimacy and give special meaning to contact time with others.

I don’t recall mentioning this while I have been with you on this journey of ours but I love to write poetry and short stories. I'm encouraged by events of the past; these special events are brought to me when I reminisce. I love the magic of words and they give me a sense of power when I write. However through reminiscence you establishing identity with or without words, it's a good example of how we have to adapt, giving a valuable opportunity to acquire and use new skills of communication.

I can better explain how reminiscence works through the words of one of my poems;

As I sit here alone staring down at my keyboard

searching my mind for those magical words.

I look at the past and reminisce about all the good

things and good times that I’ve had.

I remember the time when the best was all mine.

My future was set and my goals were defined,

And everything was all going my way.

Everything that I had seemed solid.

Everything in my life seemed so pure.

I stare at my monitor and watch all of the yesteryears fly bye.

I look over at my printer and ask myself why.

Why oh why did these things pass me bye…

I miss my sweet spouse and the kids running round the


I miss my Blue Spruce and the yard that I groomed.

I miss the Bar B Q that I built and the family parties we had.

I miss it all, and my heart fills with tears as I think of

those years and the wonderful life I once had.

Then I say to myself "STOP" your life’s not over yet,

make the best of what you have left.

You’ve got friends galore and so many things to be thankful for.

You’re wiser now so share what you know and give help to those in need.

Show love and compassion to all of your friends and to all others.

Let your heart swell with joy and get rid of those tears.

There’s no room in your life to feel sorry for yourself the best in life is still yours.

So even though you felt lost now you’ve been found and it’s time to set yourself free.

If it’s going to be it’s all up to me and that’s the way it has to be.

If you've read and absorbed what I've written I want you to know that I wrote it just for people like you, with a true desire to find the best things in life and move in the right direction for the rest of your life... I know for a fact by your reading this far you are well on your way to living a life that is happy and financially free. Strengthen your conviction and stay on the path that will take you where you want to be.

A Moment of Mine

Recollections from the Past

My Grandmother used to sing a song to me . . . It went something like this; . . . A story I’m going to tell of a women old and gray . . . Walking the streets in the cold and the sleets at the end of a winters day. Quite weary she sank in a chair in front of a building grand . . . when a youth inside with over bearing pride came and ordered her away from there. Next door there stood a newsboy who owned a little stand . . . He saw the poor old lady ordered from the building grand . . . He ran inside his humble store as if in childish glee . . . He brought a chair from out the place with a smile upon his face . . . As these kind words he said; ...Take a seat old lady for you are welcome here . . . You’ll find it here and waiting when you pass this way . . . In silence she sat for awhile . . . poor soul she could scarcely speak . . . At last she arose and said with lips that were trembling blue . . . I’ll remember you lad once I had a boy like you . . .Well, three years have come and gone since then . . .the same old place we see. . . the boy received a letter wondering from whom it could be . . . She had died without a kin , . . Left her millions all to him . . . Through these kind words he said . . . Take a seat old lady for you are welcome here . . . you’ll find it here and welcome when you pass this way.

It’s really something, the things you remember when reminiscing in the middle of your night my grandmother used to sing a lot of songs like this and they all seem to have so much meaning. These are things that I haven’t thought about in well over 50 years. Yet I can hear them now as if she were here in person singing to me. Listen here’s another one...Once there was a Dutchman who invented a terrible machine. It ground long tail rats and pussycats into sausages and things... Oh Mr. Dundenbeck how could you be so mean...For long tail rats and pussy cats nare more will be seen...Their grounded into sausages on that terrible machine. Now something got the matter with the machine it wouldn’t work... So Dundenbeck got inside to see what he could do...His wife she had a night mare was walking in her sleep... She gave the crank one hell of a yank now Dundenbeck is meat. That’s probably not exactly how it went but isn’t it funny how things come back in the middle of the night.

Times when I’m all alone when all the work is done. These are the times when I reminisce bringing back sweet memories of days gone by. The mind is the key to the vehicle that travels the roads and byways of time. All these journeys and their detours that couldn’t be avoided come back in flashes. My mind takes me places that I had forgotten exist. The mystery is how the mind covers the hurts, disappointments, tragedies and heartbreaks with shadows so they vaguely appear. It seems like when I reminisce it’s of goodness and cheer and hardly ever of the bad things that bring up a tear.

Where am I going with this? I really don’t know. When I reminisce my mind rambles from here to there. I pick up bits and pieces of memories that are scattered all over my past. I sit at my keyboard typing things down at a steady rhythm not stopping until I’m through Times like this I come up with the thoughts and ideas of all that I write... So what you’re getting now is just mental jabber that may or may not lead some place. Believe it or not my best ideas come from moments like this.

This is something that I normally wouldn’t put into print but I thought it would be fun to show you how my mind really works. My thoughts and ideas are stimulated and motivated by past experiences brought back in memory while reminiscing. I can touch, smell, and taste all the memories I embrace Everything comes back to me so vividly that it’s like reliving each magic moment. For instance, I can remember when I was just a young lad I had a goat named Billy who use to pull me around in a little red wagon. Then there was my first real love, a little red headed girl with all kinds of freckles, her name was Joy Jarmen. Each one of these memories was simple and insignificant but they had a multitude of happy experiences attached to them. I could write a story about me and my Billy goat and another about my first attraction to the opposite sex.

It’s so wonderful, especially if you’re lonely at times, to relive the happy and what were to you the exciting memories of your past. There’s a story in each one of the experiences that you’ve had and literally hundreds unfold to you as you reminisce in the past. It’s said that when you’re about to die your whole life flashes through your mind in an instant. It’s remarkable how your mind can think about so many things all at the same time. Memories are all the treasures stored in your mind the parable being a library with thousands of books each one being a different event of your life. Can you just imagine if you were the author of all these books how many books you would have written? Just think? The entire wild adventures, the special events, the love stories, the mysteries, and the tragedies that would have all been written by you and stored in your own library. Mind boggling isn’t it? All of this . . . when you reminisce!


It sure doesn't hurt to get a little motivation to make your tasks easier. Just hitting on the right thought might do the trick. What I want to accomplish, while we’re at this stop, is put together thoughts and ideas, in no particular order, that stimulate your desire to change your way of thinking. This stop is only meant as place for comfort that will hopefully stimulate your thoughts as well as your actions. What I'm trying is an experiment using thoughts and ideas that came to me while meditating.

What I want to do for you, and I will, if you let me, is stimulate your thought process and motivate your desires. Getting started is the hardest part of any job. If you have the courage to start then with the proper motivation you will have the courage to finish.

Keep away from the people who want to belittle your ambitions, small people do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can be really great.

Don’t let frustrations caused by unresolved problems get you down? Life is full of problems that sometimes seem insurmountable. Nothing is impossible; you must stop, relax, and meditate then approach it from a different angle. If the answers don't come right away don't let it ruin your day, continue with your routine and come back later with a fresh outlook. Life is a process of finding solutions.

Each day a new door opens to all kinds of experiences and challenges. Meet the day with a smile and say to yourself that nothing no matter how big or how small will pass your attention. Meet all the challenges it brings head on and quench your thirst with its knowledge. Remind yourself that today will be a glorious day.

Here's a thought to carry with you today;

To achieve success in anything you need to start with a dream. Know your dream. Know why you are doing what you are doing. Create the fire that's needed to connect you with your dream. Create the passion you need in your pursuit of success. Create a desire to reach your achievements. Success can be yours if you have the courage to try. May your wishes all come true and they can it's all up to you.

The reward is yours but first you must labor, plant your thoughts and ideas, harvest them and watch them grow; remember you will sow in tears before you reap with joy. You can put your thoughts and ideas down in black and white or whatever color you prefer. You’ll find it fun and challenging and best of all easy. If you are like most the people I know you learn best by having someone show you the way. I won’t tell you what to do, I’ll show you how to do it and then it’s up to you.

Here is another one of my poems, Written about the power of words. I hope you find it motivating. I've always felt that by using the right words you could accomplish anything you put your mind to.

My Choice of Words

The right words used the right way

Could possibly save a life today.

By the same token words can leave a life broken

In the way that they’re written or spoken.

Handle all powerful words with great care.

The very same words bring happiness or despair.

These are just a few words I use every day.

I use these words to give meaning to what I say.

Love, compassion, understanding and care.

Peace, motivation, comfort, joy and prayer.

Smile, laughter, happiness and serenity.

I try my very best not to use profanity.

I use words that are simple and easy to say.

I try to make each word an impression in some way.

Sometimes without thinking I say the wrong thing.

My heart knows right away the hurt it will bring.

On this keyboard I type words for everyone to read.

I hope to give them meaning and some pleasure indeed.

I try to be careful in all that I say in my rhymes.

I want to touch your heart, activate and motivate your minds.

Songs, short stories, and poetry are my hobby you see.

They’re not the best but they come from the heart of me

If I can paint a picture that you can plainly see.

Then I've made all my words go to work for me

If the words that I use are truly what you’d like to hear.

And if they bring you comfort make you laugh and give cheer.

Then behind my keyboard you’ll find a man who is really content.

And I’ll know that my careful choice of words was well spent.


Here at this stop; I’ll teach you the power of visualization and assertion to create Luck. It all starts with imagination it is the birth of creation. Using your imagination you have the power to create an image of anything that you want. Can you just imagine how wonderful it would be if all your problems would vanish? Imagine if you will a peaceful and financial free life. Your imagination can create all kinds of things and with the proper techniques you can make these things happen.

I’m sure you wonder what individuals do, that give them the King Midas Touch. These people use this power in an unconscious manner in their everyday affairs. They are not aware that they are using some sort of power. They visualize their goals in a positive way and attain success. All successful people use it consciously or unconsciously. These people have tapped into a resource that makes luck happen and that is exactly what you and I are going do.

You can shape your reality; control your habits and gain control over the events that influence your life. It may sound incredible but believe me it’s true, imagination can help heal your body, change your way of thinking and bring God into your life.

I’m going to teach you two techniques that I often use to anchor my control (1) Affirmations (2) Visualization. I’ll show you how to use these techniques to reprogram your mind and reshape your attitudes and behavior, in other words, change the way you think.

(A) Affirmations

Affirmations are the art of using thoughts, beliefs and attitudes of the happiest, most effective people on earth by burning their thoughts into your subconscious mind. To feel how they feel, and do what they do and get exactly the same results they get.

(B) Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is the ability to use the imagination to see images in our minds and make them come true. Through concentrating, feelings, and emotions it can become a great creative power that makes all these things happen. Used in the right way, visualization can make magical changes into our lives.

Now, almost like magic, in every single area of your life, you can literally erase fear, doubt & frustration and replace it with courage, confidence & willpower. In other words, your mind can spawn amazing coincidences to move you towards your goals. The coincidences could be things that were seemingly unconnected to you and beyond your control. However you do have control and it is my intention to show you how to us it.

Here is an affirmation that I’m sure you have heard, " I am getting better and better…every day…in every way" but have you tried to place it in your unconscious mind. Repetition of thought will install this or any other affirmation.

Now I’m going to put you to the test and find out if you have been reading my book and using the steps that I have outlined. It’s of prime importance to go over these steps, practice them and memorize them. From the day you first opened my book or visited my site all the steps that I’ve taught you have become a part of your life and will remain a part of your life for the rest of your life. Keep reviewing all of my material until it is embedded deep in your unconscious mind. When you think you have it down pat review, don’t ever stop, keep reviewing. You are here, at this place in time, to change your life and you will if you follow my instructions.

(1) Do the relaxation and deep breathing exercise.

(2) Now do the exercise that puts your mind in the Alpha State.

(3) STOP; (Brake Time) Do this exercise just before bed time. Choose a place that is quite where you won’t be disturbed.

(4) START; Set up a timeline and place yourself in the present.


(5) Now put your mind back in the Alpha State. Visualize your timeline in a misty color. Look to the past and look to the future. See the color and hear the sounds of your different resource states. Anchor and move to the next step.

Note; We will use these affirmations A= I will always maintain a perfectly healthy body and mind. B= Positive thoughts, positive emotions, bring me all the benefits and advantages I desire. C= I am learning to use more of my mind and to use it in a better way.

You can also create your own affirmations; just make sure they’re a positive resource.

Timeline… Past______________Present______________Future

(7) Walk slowly to the past, observing the states you have placed. Return to the present. Slowly turn around and observe your entire timeline in color and sound.

(8) Now walk slowly to the future observing all of the resource states in color and sound. Return to the present. Brake State and Re-Anchor

(9) Move one step to the right and place your first affirmation, move right one more step and place your second affirmation, move right one more step and place your third affirmation.

(10) Break, Test Anchor, Observe you affirmations in misty color and sound. Move five years into the future and stack your affirmations. Give them color and sound. Return to the present. Look into the future and observe all of the positive resource states. See them in misty color and sound. BRAKE STATE

(11) Anchor, Now walk your time line into the past and into the future observing all of your thoughts and affirmations. See the colors, hear the sounds, lock them into your subconscious. BRAKE.

(12) CONGRATULATE YOURSELF… You have just taken some powerful steps to change your way of thinking.


Use your imagination for the visualization exercise. Close your eyes and visualize a movie screen six feet in front of you and four feet above the floor. Picture your mind as a projector that can project creative images on the screen. You can project anything that you want but make it something you wish for and desire.

Example: Let us say that your one great desire is to be a basketball star. Visualize yourself playing the game perfectly. See you making perfect moves and making every basket. Feel the joy of playing well and the excitement of winning. Project these images on the screen and mentally watch the game and marvel in you perfection.

If you have difficulty visualizing use a technique called streaming. In streaming you mentally describe what it is that you're seeing. Make the description as detailed as possible. For example if you're trying to visualize yourself in a luxury home mentally tell yourself, "I'm seeing a magnificent chandelier in my dining room with a highly polished solid oak floor. There is a light oak grand piano, just waiting to be played, sitting majestically in the south east corner. As you describe the image in detail you will find that the image also takes on more detail and your imagined image becomes more and more vivid.

You can combine your affirmations with your creative visualization to create a more powerful effect. As you're imagining your goal, simply repeat your affirmation mentally, as many times as you feel necessary. Don't be discouraged if you do not get immediate results. We are all at different levels of spiritual development and some of us have years of negative programming and negative belief systems to overcome. But overcome them you shall. Creative visualization can be such a powerful process when done at the Alpha level that just five minutes a day of practice can undo years of negative programming.

By now you have probably noticed how the exercises I use are all related. What I mean to say is they are all linked together and each new exercise introduces a new concept. For example I use the timeline to add resources, I use affirmation to burn the thoughts and ideas of other people into your subconscious mind, I use visualization to see images in our minds and make them come true, I use auto suggestion to change negative thoughts to positive thoughts and I use meditation to enhance new thoughts and ideas. All of these steps are used to change your way of thinking and I mix them as if I were making a hobo stew in a large cast iron pot. They are all powerful techniques when used alone but when used in combinations they become super powers. If I use them all together I have an exercise that delivers a massive explosion from our subconscious mind to our conscious mind.

This next exercise introduces a concept called Perceptual Positions. You’ve probably experienced this concept unconsciously but now you are going to learn how to use it consciously. I guarantee that it will increase your feeling of empowerment. Perceptual Positions is the ability to view experiences from different perspectives.

There are three definite Perceptual Positions. 1. Self Perspective: Seeing a situation through your own eyes and being aware of your own thoughts and feelings. 2. Perspective of Another: Seeing a situation through someone else’s eyes and being aware of their thoughts and feelings. 3. Disassociated Perspective Position: Seeing yourself from outside you. Imagine you are looking at yourself and other people from a position outside of yourself, from over there or up there.

Here’s the exercise;

(1) Imagine a situation that makes you uncomfortable.

(2) Paint a picture of that situation in your mind. Step outside the picture and look at yourself in the picture.

(3) Move the picture further away and notice how your feelings change. You should feel more comfortable and at ease. By being outside the situation looking at the situation you will experience a new perspective. Your feelings will change from negative to positive.

(4) remember another uncomfortable situation, another and another and do the same procedure on all three memories.

(5) Your unconscious mind will generalize this and do the same procedure automatically with future uncomfortable situations.

(6) Congratulate yourself you’ve just disassociated yourself from an uncomfortable (negative) situation.

(7) Now repeat the first six steps only this time deal with a positive situation. Imagine a wonderful experience.

Unless you have programmed your mind with prior exorcises this exercise my not work the first time. But don’t give up eventually you will rewire and make your life more enjoyable.

Success, whether measured in business, family or love, is often determined by the "right" attitude. Unfortunately, maintaining that proper frame of mind, a positive attitude, isn't always easy. Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, life just seems intent on bringing us down. Inspiration, however, is rarely far away - if we are but willing to look for it.

No one is ever born into life alone. Everyone has shared the bond of family, at least at birth, and for many people it is a bond that will follow them throughout life. For many people it is the most important bond of all. No one person can ever experience all that life has to offer. It is only through sharing experiences, feelings and insights that we can hope to grow beyond our own meager lifetime.

My life has been drenched by the constant stream of people that come in leave their thoughts and ideas then quickly leave. People have deposit their love and understanding and a touch of their wisdom in my bank of memories.

Of course I’ve had those who leave broken hearts and lay out the fragment of their shattered lives these people have given me insight and let me gaze upon the beauty and the ugly found in each day.

All of these people have tattooed their footsteps right on my heart. To these people I owe the many values and structure that made me what I am today. I’m proud to be me and I thank all the people that made this a possibility. You are my ticket to peace and security.

I’m not what you would call a religious man but I do believe there’s a power much greater than mine. My God is a God who loves people from all walks of life. He loves his creations no matter what their religion or beliefs. We are special to him and he’ll give us a helping hand and help us to understand. Yes... My God lives in my heart and my soul and he’s always with me where ever I go. I don’t belong to any religion, I believe in all of them as far as they go. If you have a faith that you believe in and you live up to the doctrine that faith gives to you, you can’t help but find salvation. At least that’s the way my God feels.

My God lives in a room built inside my heart so he’s always with me whatever I do and where ever I go. When I do wrong he scolds me, corrects me and then he forgives me. Each day I speak to my God and ask him to guide me from harm’s way. Since he knows what I’m thinking and sees all that I do there’s never a need to pray. My God knows what I need and he guides me and directs me and keeps the devil away.

I love My God so I let him know and I thank him several times each day. No! I’m not a religious man and I don’t go to church. My God lives in my heart and when I found him that was the end of my search. I’m thankful that he still loves me in spite of my past and I know that he’ll be with me as long as eternity lasts.

Everyday is the anniversary of my sobriety. I’m so glad and happy that My God found room in his busy life to give me this gift. I’ve found peace and serenity and the freedom to be me.........

I live my life in loving service; being the best me I can, becoming wiser in the perfection of Divine Truth, becoming happier in the joy of living.

My brother Jimmy was a confirmed alcoholic and drug abuser and because I wouldn’t allow him to bring drinks and drugs into my home I wrote him this letter.

Dear Jimmy, My love for you is unconditional as a blood brothers love should be. I've worried about you and prayed to my God asking him for an answer that would relieve all your miseries. I've meditated for hours upon hours trying to figure out a way to help put you back in command of your life. If there was any way possible I'd step into your ora and straighten out all your problems for you, both you and I know that's impossible even though my intentions are sincere. Even though I really want to help you I can't allow myself to be misguided by compassion and shield you from the reality of your brunt errors. To do this would cause devastating results subsidizing failure. Let's face it Jim you are my brother and I don't want to see you fail.

Even though I'd gladly change places with you it wouldn't work because in my new role I'd find success and in your new role you'd fail. It's the hard truth that I'm telling you and I hope it's not too late for you to listen to me.

Through all my meditation and prayer it's become plain to me, that if you're ever going to find happiness, peace and serenity it's all up to you. You have to take complete control of your life and be the master of your own destiny. My doing this for you would only eliminate all your incentive and go against human nature. To give you love in the form of protection and comfort just might be the wrong thing to do.

You've been stumbling, falling and out of control for a very long time and I know you've sought help from a good many sources. Nothing has worked because you've been looking in all the wrong places. Motivation classes, treatment centers and all kinds of therapy are not the answer for you. The answer is so simple and I know you'll baulk when I give it to you. But listen to me anyway Jim, I've been there and I know.

The first thing you're are going to have to do, and I know you'll strongly resist, is re-except the God that you know. Once this is done then you can again become the master in control of your life. It's almost impossible to do this without God on your side and very improbable.

Being the master means you except responsibility for all things that have happened to you. Regardless of what has happened in your life except the fact that it was you that made it possible. No matter what our stance is in life, we are there because we were or we were not in command. I love you Jimmy but my unconditional love isn't enough, I have to be strong enough and relentless enough to give you strong and true love.

With a little common sense and a whole lot of faith all things are possible. Somewhere in the Bible there's a scripture that reads; "Be not deceived, God shall not be mocked, for what so ever a man soweth, that he shall also reap.’ And again it tutors, ‘in the furnace of affliction I shall refine thee." There's your answer Jimmy, you're a person with much more than average intelligence so you know dam well that I'm right. Love, Cash

Jimmy never received this letter because he had already died of a cause related to substance abuse. His untimely death caused me to dedicate my life to helping others succeed where he had failed. Thus I finally realized that God had saved my life so that I could save others.

Learning how to truly love a person or a people requires that we abandon schemes, which shield loved ones and collective society from every bruise, bump, storm, or roadblock along the road of life. For complete love is not blind and not stupid. Complete love accepts people as they are and administers to their needs with wisdom; a wisdom which dictates that sometimes the most compassionate answer to a plea for help is a firm and unflinching NO.

When I confessed to you that I was a recovered alcoholic I said I wasn’t going to tell my story. Well, that was then, this is now. I think we have worked hard enough to deserve a break and I really would like for you to read my life story. It may or may not have a therapeutic value. But it will give you a picture of where I’m coming from, where I’ve been; where I am now and where I am going. It is a short story and it won’t take you very long to read. I have written it my way because that is the only way I know. I hope it gives you some insight and pleasure.

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