Video Intro to Highways of the Mind

Mind Enhancement

Mind Enhancement

It is important for you to dream big and set positive goals for what you're seeking to accomplish. I don’t want you to miss out on your own true potential. Nothing is impossible it’s up to you to make it possible. Once you know what you want, the next step is to manifest it into your life.

Auto suggestion applies to all suggestion and all self administered thoughts and ideas that reach the mind through our senses. Auto suggestion and self suggestion are basically the same. Simply put, it is a way for the conscious mind to communicate with the subconscious mind. We have complete control over all the thought that reaches our subconscious mind, therefore it is the best way to change the way we think. We can completely change our life using a few simple steps. You can liken your subconscious mind to that of a fertile garden in which weeds will grow in abundance if the seeds are not desirable. Auto and self suggestion is the method which we use to feed our mind with creative thoughts and ideas. By neglect we permit thoughts and ideas of a destructive nature to find their way into the fertile garden of the mind.

One of the major weaknesses of the average person is the word impossible. We know all the things that will not work and we know all the things that cannot be done. I suggest that you take the word impossible out of your dictionary and replace it with the phrase “All Things Are Possible.” Those who succeed in life are success conscious and those who fail are failure conscious. What I am teaching you is the art of changing your mind from failure conscious to success conscious. Your abusive habits have steeped you in poverty, want, failure, misery and defeat. Now we’re going to change all of that and change your way of thinking to the valuable and rewarding things in life.

Repetition and retention amplifies and intersects with sense. I use them both to help me memorize and write.

This is repetition of a negative kind, referring to men of crime; “When men first come into contact with crime, they abhor it. If they remain in contact with crime for a time, they become accustomed to it, and endure it. If they remain in contact with it a long enough, they finally embrace it, and become influence by it.” You could reword it just a little bit and it could apply to substance abuse or change it around to a positive nature and it could apply to recovery. This would be an interesting exercise. Why don’t you try it, and see what you can come up with.

Memories are constructions made in accordance with present needs, desires, influences, etc.

Memories are often accompanied by feelings and emotions.

Memory usually involves awareness of the memory. We may not be conscious of the fact but memories are claimed to be significant causal factors in shaping conscious thought and behavior. There is a great deal of supportive evidence for the claim that the more traumatic an experience, the more likely one is to remember it. There is also evidence that extreme traumatic experiences are forgotten and hid in our subconscious mind.

Anyway, I like to use different methods of meditation and again it is my educated opinion that meditation is a good way to get rid of stress, sleep better, eliminate anxiety, relieve depression, boost intelligence, creativity and confidence, slow ageing, increase energy, and create remarkable emotional changes at the deepest level? The experience of deep meditation is so powerful it immediately begins to create profound, positive changes in the structure of your nervous system and your life!

Alpha Level Exercise

With this exercise we will enter your center brain frequency, the level for deep relaxation, The Alpha Level

While in the Alpha Level; you will experience the beneficial effects of Meditation. Once You Learn to Reach the Alpha Level, you can use these techniques too: reduce stress speed up your body's natural mental healing change your attitudes, get rid of negative habits, apply creative visualization and use your intuition.

Intuition "The ability to sense or know immediately without reasoning",

When meditating several important things happen physically and mentally. We "focus internally" and let go of the outside world (the same as going to sleep, but without losing consciousness).

This permits our brains to change into a more stable and stronger brain frequency normally reached during slumber.

When we can reduce our brain frequencies to these levels while staying awake we are able to bring the unconscious mind to the conscious level. This allows us to control the power of the unconscious mind.

There are two types of meditation;

(1) Passive Meditation.

(2) Active Meditation.

Each method has its own way of reaching the inner state of mind, and each has its own goals.

Passively, we will let go and go within, where we "deactivate" our survival mechanisms and allow our body's natural health and rejuvenation abilities to become activated.

Using these two techniques will allow you to use the relaxed, healthy state of mind that occurs during meditation, to solve your day-to-day problems. You can tap the super-conscious to solve your problems, reach your goals, and come up with new ideas and solutions to problems

My techniques are all simple yet really effective in the way you change your way of thinking. Everyone has a threshold for what they can handle coming at them from the world. When that threshold is exceeded, we attempt to deal with being pushed over it with a variety of coping mechanisms, including anxiety, anger, depression, overwhelm, sadness, substance abuse, and many others. The main thing meditation does is provide a stimulus to the brain that pushes that threshold higher.

There are several exceptional CD’s that can help you change your way of thinking through meditation using audio suggestion. Preprogrammed suggestions by leading psychologists do wonders for your mind. However self induced suggestions prerecorded by you are the most effective. Buy yourself a small recorder and record the messages that you want to use to change your thinking and stimulate your mind. You can meditate while you're sleeping. Don't procrastinate, do it. This technique works faster than you can imagine. When you go to bed tonight use the steps I use to put my mind in a hypnotic state and set your recorder to play the suggestions while you sleep.

For these next few techniques you have to be prepared with the right equipment. You will need a Walkman disk player and recorder and a musical metronome. If you don’t have these items then I want you to buy them. I bought the very best of both at Amazon, Com. for about $30. Make sure you get a metronome that will let you listen to the beat. Return to this exercise when you are ready.

Now I’m going to teach you my method of self hypnosis, the first exercise is a set up exercise. Pay close attention to my instructions.

(1) Make yourself comfortable, relax and get ready to record. You are going to record an audio that will guide you to a healthy, relaxed level of mind. Place your metronome near the receiver and set the beat slow to medium. Record your voice in a slow monotone sound. Practice with normal phrases. Record your voice and then play it back until you get it to sound like you want it to sound. Make sure you have picked up the beat of the metronome in the background. You might even want to play soft beautiful music it the back ground but don’t drowned out the beat of the metronome. The music can help set the rhythm of your voice.

(2) Imagine yourself as a meditation instructor or a famous hypnotist putting your subject into a trance. When you are ready you can start recording. I’ll guide you through the process. Remember you are a professional instructor or hypnotist.

(3) Slowly repeat after me; “Make yourself comfortable, (Short Pause) Close your eyes and relax (Short Pause) sense the feel of warmth caused by your circulation… Relieve all tensions in your body (Pause) Slowly relax, keeping in mind that it takes longer to relax your body then your mind. (Medium Pause) Take a deep breath and let it out slowly… place your body in a deep state of relaxation.(Short Pause) I’m going to guide you through relaxation process (Pause) Now direct your mind to your scalp… concentrate on this part of your body …Your forehead, your eyes, your ears, your nose and your mouth…feel a deep sensation of warmth caused by circulation (Pause) This is comfortable, this is as should be…a normal reaction (Pause) Feel a tingling in the skin surrounding the scalp (Pause) release and completely relax all tensions and ligament pressures from this part of your body (Pause)… concentrate on relaxing all the parts of this part of your body including the skin, tissues and the cells (Pause) Feel a deep sensation of warmth and tingling sensation (Pause) This is normal reaction, caused by circulation (Pause) Deeply relax and relieve all the tensions and pressures in this part of your body.(Pause) Feel the deep sensation of warmth (Pause) Go deeper and deeper every time. (Pause) Let your mind feel your body healthier and healthier every time. (Pause)

Note: Go through this whole process for each part of your body all the way down to the heels on your feet. ( your eyes and eyelids, your nose, your lips, your throat, your shoulders, your chest, your stomach, your waist, your abdomen, your thighs, your knees, your calves, your ankles, your feet toes and heels). You can shorten the recording by using your own words but keep it positive.

(4) Concentrate on your feet, remove them from your body, they do not belong to your body. (Pause) Your feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, waist, arms, hands and shoulders feel like they do not belong to your body. (Pause) Now you are at a deeper healthier state of mind than before. (Pause)

Note: Now you have your subject (you) in a deep state of relaxation. It’s time to enter positive resources. First enter a tranquil and passive scene. Example; A walk through the woods on a beautiful summer day when the breeze is gentle, the birds are singing, and the squirrels are playing happily in the trees.

(5) Describe a scene in which you feel beauty, comfort and joy. (Long pause) Describe another scene that makes you feel happy and comfortable (pause) Visualize yourself being happy healthy (You’ll see these scenes in your mind when you are listening to your recording)

(6) (Record this) your mind is now in a deep state where you have complete control, deeper than before.

(7) Enter a positive resource state. Example; I am the master of my destiny, I’m stronger and wiser than I’ve ever been, etc

(8) Now anchor and test anchor.

(9) Break State counting backwards from 10. When you reach 1 open your eyes and be wide awake.

(10) Congratulate yourself


1. Start to "concentrate" right from the beginning of your recording.

2. Concentrate on trying to feel the pulsations of those vibrations in each area

3. Concentrate on all parts of your body and amplify your imagination.

4. Give your affirmations you color and feeling. When you combine your body relaxation with mind relaxation you will be much more relaxed at the end of the exercise. The more you practice, the easier it will be to relax completely. Practice makes perfect!

The more you go into alpha, learn to visualize, relax, and tune into your intuition, the healthier and better your life will become.

The steps that I’ve outlined using meditation for relaxation will put your body to asleep. Your subconscious mind will be brought to the conscious level and you will be in full control over your mental abilities and thoughts.

Procrastination is the tool of the devil. Stop and ask yourself a moment...just how much has procrastination cost you over the years? Has it cost you yourself respect? Have you lost out on great opportunities, only to watch someone else take advantage of them? Besides the losses in pure dollars and cents (there’s no doubt about it, being a procrastinator does make you poorer) the biggest cost to you is what procrastination does to you, to your self-image and to your fulfillment of life. Let’s face it, you are not happy with your present situation and if you keep procrastinating you’ll stay unhappy. So let’s change your way of thinking right now. By learning how to stop putting things off you’ll be more efficient, have more self confidence and have much less stress. You’ll also find it much easier to perform daily tasks and accomplish anything you set your mind too. Procrastination is only a state of mind - one that you can easily change. Take a few minutes each day and tell yourself you‘ll not put off until tomorrow what you can do today, eventually it will become a habit.