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Monday, June 21, 2010

Highways of the Mind {Intro}

Highways of the Mind

Make Your Dreams a Reality


I've done intensive research over the last 10 years on mind enhancing techniques and the ones I use for my own endeavors work for me and will work for anyone who has a problem they want to overcome or a dream they want to achieve. You can banish bad habits and replace them with powerful positive good habits. You can learn to do things in moderation, stop procrastinating, schedule your time efficiently, and move towards your dreams and aspirations. Nothing is impossible just harness your mind's power and use my simple techniques. You'll find them all right here in this book.
What I'm giving you is ten years of research put into simple terms and made easy to follow. I hate it when an author tries to show his intellect using ten letter words that are hard to comprehend. I'll do my best to present my material in a way that you can easily understand. I have always felt that the easy way is the best way and most comfortable way to learn. If you are like most people I know, you learn easier if you have someone show you the way.
I'm going to show you the way to make all your dreams come true. We are going to take a trip through the highways and byways of your mind. Your mind is the solution of all solutions it's where all solutions begin. You can be anything, do anything and have everything by changing your way of thinking. . I'll give you the steps that brought me success and show you how to use them as powerful tools to reach and maintain a positive optimal lasting change in your life.
Regardless of what has happened in your life accept the fact that it was you, and only you, that made it possible. No matter what your circumstance is in life, you are there because you were or you were not in command. It has become apparent to me that negative thoughts are the easiest thoughts for our subconscious mind to accept, so we're going to change that and make positive thoughts the most predominate and dominating resources that enter your subconscious mind. Make up your mind that from this day forward you will be in complete command of your thoughts and actions. Read what I've written, learn from what I've written and put what I've written into positive action.
Here is what you'll find when you open the cover and enter my book. The first section under the title of "Trivia and definition of terms used in good faith and abused unintentionally" introduces you to all the different mind enhancing methods that I use to change your way of thinking. You will be given a little trivia and some background information on each method. I'll also introduce you to some new terminology, it's important that you know what I'm talking about.
It is of vital importance that you set goals and make definite plans to carry them out, so stop one setting goals and making plans will be the topic. As we proceed further and further, on this journey to success, things will get more exhilarating and exciting. Each step will bring you closer to a solution that will take you all the way to success.
While we are at stop two: I will address nutrition and health under the title of Fitness. Success can be so much more rewarding if you have a healthy body and a healthy mind. I can't stress enough the importance of staying active. Strive to become physically fit and make it a habit to stay that way. Believe me; if you are healthy and feel good about yourself everything else you do will be that much easier. So change your way of thinking and make it a habit to establish healthy habits.
Proper nutrition is also important in maintaining a healthy body and mind. There are six main classes of nutrients that the body needs: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. It is important to consume these six nutrients on a daily basis to build and maintain a healthy body.
This next stop is devoted to Faith, the Mind and the Spirit and I've given it the title Faith.
We live in a world where the majority of the people don't except things by faith alone. You might say we are a society of "I'll believe it when I see it" kind of people. The "show me and I'll believe" attitude is for all intents and purposes an error because no creation is ever manifested before it's beginning. However this attitude is defended by many as being realistic. Faith is involved in almost every mind enhancement program there is. If you put faith in the equation the equation will work. There is no doubt in my mind about it; faith is an issue that deserves a whole lot of thought.
I'll be working with you in three specific areas; Body, Mind and Soul. The stop at faith will also deal with the soul and it's relation to infinite intelligence. What exactly is the soul? It is hard to explain. It could be the fundamental emotional and activating principle determining one's character. On the other hand, in religion it is the deepest part of the soul of man and the transmitting organ by which human beings can contact God. I will take you deep into this subject, not only at this stop but at other stops along the way. Your beliefs may be quite different then mine and that's quite all right. I want you to read what I've written with an open mind and consideration.
Stop four is the junction point at the conclusion of this chapter we will change tracks and go to stop five, the meat of the book. However stop four is about Denial and it is an issue that is a must. Emotional denial in the short term is a way to avoid hurting our self and people we care about. However it also keeps people from taking action when the overall happiness of their life is at stake. Denial is a reason people keep themselves trapped in unhappy relationships or life situations.
Now that I have taken you on a short tour, it's time to take action and go to work.

Trivia and definition of terms used in good faith and abused unintentionally.
This simply means that if I don't agree with the resource I use my own definition.
Auto suggestion applies to all suggestion and all self administered thoughts and ideas that reach the mind through our senses. Auto suggestion and self suggestion are basically the same. Simply put, it is a way for the conscious mind to communicate with the subconscious mind.
We have complete control over all the thought that reaches our subconscious mind, therefore it is the best way to change the way we think. We can completely change our life using a few simple steps. You can liken your subconscious mind to that of a fertile garden in which weeds will grow in abundance if the seeds are not desirable.
Repetition and retention amplifies and intersects with sense. I use them both to help me memorize and write.
Repetition is nothing more than repeating a thought until it becomes an obsession.
Obsessions are recurring or persistent thoughts, images, or impulses that invade a person's consciousness.
Memories are constructions made in accordance with present needs, desires, influences, etc.

Memories are often accompanied by feelings and emotions.
Intuition is the ability to sense or know immediately without reasoning.
Meditation is a deep relaxed state of mind still conscious and aware.
Reminiscence refers to recollections of memories from the past. It is familiar to us all and can be utilized for the benefit of others.
Motivation is a reason or set of reasons for engaging in a particular behavior.
Imagination is the ability to form mental visual images.
Now that you know the words and their definitions the trip will be a lot easier.
I have got one more term that I use as my secret weapon. I let you know how and why when the timing is right.
Subliminal messages give positive affirmations and send them directly to the subconscious mind, bypassing the more critical conscious mind.
What you will learn within the walls of this castle of words will become a part of your life for the rest of your life. Changing your life for the better things in life is a new beginning. For new beginnings to flourish and grow they must be maintained. I'll give you the proper tools to make positive changes and maintenance tools to maintain these changes. However, there is one tool missing that you will have to supply, the tool that gets rid of bad habits and cements good habits in place. I'll help you make this tool, it is a simple process, but one that is necessary. It's up to you to use these tools every day all the way to the end of your life journey. Make them a definite habit!
Now let's continue on to the next stop on Minds Highway. It's a place called Goals. You can't miss it; all of its inhabitants are making plans one way or another.

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